Land Rover ATP - without doubt the finest all terrain pushchair
Without doubt the finest all terrain pushchair
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Should I buy a Double Pushchair ?

Sometimes buying a double pushchair can be a difficult decision.

If you are are having twins and want a proper all terrain pushchair which you can use from birth then it's easier... but most double pushchairs are for a second child where the first child isn't yet able to walk far enough.

We are not just here to sell things and much of our business comes from delighted customers who tell anyone and everyone who will listen that this is, quote, "the best thing they have bought for their children" - so if a double pushchair isn't the right choice for you then we would rather you didn't buy one.

The following notes are intended as prompts to help in your decision because you probably already know intuitively what the right choice is for you.

As a general rule the parents who get most benefit from their Land Rover Double ATP (Manufactured by Pegasus Pushchairs Ltd under licence by Land Rover until September 2002, but no longer available and having no association with the current owner of the Land Rover Trademark) have an age gap of less than two years between their toddler and the new baby.

If the age gap is greater than this then it may not be long before the older child is at nursery and the pushchair is half empty for most trips.

If the new baby is due in the spring or summer then your chance of encouraging the older child to start walking further is much better simply because of the weather. This is particularly true of boys who tend to get out of pushchairs at an earlier age.

If you live in town with busy roads and you need to have everyone strapped securely in and all going in the same direction when you want them to for safety, then this is a good reason for not encouraging your child to walk more independently at an early age.

If you walk almost exclusively on paved surfaces then you may do better with a single pushchair with a Buggy Board for the older child to stand on - but it won't work well on soft ground. For many parents the off road walks are more weekend events as a family when there are two adults to help with the children and a second single pushchair is a more versatile option.

If you are happy to use a sling for the first few months then by the time the baby needs to use the pushchair your older child will be more able to walk, the difference between a twenty one month old and a two and a quarter year old can be very significant. This assumes though that you have average to small babies and don't have a Caesarian. If the baby is due in the winter when off road ground conditions may be slippery then you may not feel as secure using a sling.

For some customers it's about having the ideal pushchair for those first six months, others would prefer to struggle a little for six months to avoid the additional expense and inconvenience (relative to a single) of a double pushchair.

And then of course there's the future... will it be used by number three !

Talking of which how do you cope if you already have two year old and are now expecting twins ?

Again there are a number of options but to be honest the world isn't designed for you so you will need to be creative and accept that things won't be ideal.

If you can carry one baby in a sling then the other baby and the toddler can sit in the pushchair, hopefully the toddler will be walking by the time both twins need the pushchair.

To begin with, when the twins are small, some parents put both babies in the same cot seat - 'top n tail', so that the toddler can use the other seat. This isn't recommended by the manufacturer.

You can't fit a Buggy Board to the Land Rover Double ATP <I><FONT SIZE="-2">(Manufactured by Pegasus Pushchairs Ltd under licence by Land Rover until September 2002, but no longer available and having no association with the current owner of the Land Rover Trademark)</I></FONT> for the toddler to stand on. A Kiddyboard can be fitted but even with an optional height adaptor you cannot get an ideal fit with the Kiddyboard perfectly level. It won't work well on soft ground and again this isn't recommended by the manufacturer but lots of parents do it.

We hope that these notes have been helpful, if you are still unsure and would like further advice then please call us, we are happy to discuss it with you.

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