Land Rover ATP - without doubt the finest all terrain pushchair
Without doubt the finest all terrain pushchair
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There's not a great deal of maintenance required on your Land Rover ATP (Manufactured by Pegasus Pushchairs Ltd under licence by Land Rover until September 2002, but no longer available and having no association with the current owner of the Land Rover Trademark).


The Nylon Cordura fabric used on the pushchair is stain & fade resistant. It can be machine washed at 40 deg and comes up bright and fresh and clean. Do not tumble dry it but on an average day it dries very quickly.

The standard hammock seat can be put straight into a washing machine. The Cot Seat and Basket both contain support boards which can be easily removed from their internal pockets before washing.

The Sun Canopy cannot be machine washed - simply sponge off any dirt.


It isn't necessary to wash dirt off although:
  • salt water (sea water) must be hosed off as it can be corrosive to bearings etc.
  • dirt or sand in the folding mechanism, quick release wheel system, or brake may make operation harder

We recommend that vaseline is applied to the folding mechanism and quick release wheel system periodically to keep them moving freely.


Occasionally wash dirt and especially salt water off the axle and bearings to avoid corrosion.

Check tyres for thorns - but it probably isn't a good idea to pull any out while you are on a walk as they may be stopping the air from coming out !

The tyres are intended for inflation to low pressure only, about 10-15lbs. Do not over-inflate as it increases the chances of punctures, blow outs or distorting the wheel - as well as making the ride less comfortable.

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