Land Rover ATP - without doubt the finest all terrain pushchair
Without doubt the finest all terrain pushchair
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Single Land Rover ATP Specifications

Land Rover pushchairs (Manufactured by Pegasus Pushchairs Ltd under licence by Land Rover until September 2002, but no longer available and having no association with the current owner of the Land Rover Trademark) are constructed of lightweight aluminium tubing.

This gives maximum manoeuvrability (without resorting to a swivel front wheel which won't work well off road) and ease of use both when pushing and also when lifting or loading into a car.

The Quick Release Wheels and Compact Folding System ensure optimum convenience for storage and transportation.

The seat, cot seat and basket fabrics are nylon cordura which is very durable, stain and fade resistant, it can be machine washed (at 40 degrees with any stiffening boards removed). The sun canopy is also nylon cordura but because of the framework it cannot be machine washed - instead sponge clean. Generally if you let mud dry then it will simply brush off.

The wheels have double stainless steel bearings.

They've obviously put a lot of thought into the design of their pushchairs and how parents will be using them.

The specifications listed below are subject to minor variations.


A Length 45" 115 cm

B Handle Height 38" 96.5 cm

Width 24" 61 cm

C Lower Leg #" # cm

D Seat Height #" # cm

Seat Width 13" 33 cm

Weight 14 lbs 6.5 kg

Max Load 50 lbs 22.7 kg

Recommended Tyre Pressure 10 psi 0.7 bar

Max Tyre Pressure 15 psi 1 bar

Folded Wheels OnFolded Wheels On

A Length 41" 104 cm

B Height 16" 40.5 cm

Width 24" 61 cm

Folded Wheels OffFolded Wheels Off

A Length 37" 94 cm

B Height 11" 28 cm

Width 19.5" 50 cm

Frame Weight 8.5 lbs 4 kg

Wheels Weight 5.5 lbs 2.5 kg

Please note that the specifications listed above are as accurate as is practical to give, they are rounded for ease of presentation and are subject to manufacturers change without notice. On the other hand because they detail the maximum point on the pushchair they may also give the impression that the pushchair is larger than it actually is when folded. If a particular dimension is crucial to you then contact us for an exact figure.

Maximum Tyre Pressure should not be exceeded and should be reduced if transported in the unpressurised cargo hold of an aircraft on a long haul flight.

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