Land Rover ATP - without doubt the finest all terrain pushchair
Without doubt the finest all terrain pushchair
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The following notes are designed to help Land Rover ATP (Manufactured by Pegasus Pushchairs Ltd under licence by Land Rover until September 2002, but no longer available and having no association with the current owner of the Land Rover Trademark) owners by answering some of the most commonly asked questions, and hopefully to avoid some of them happening in the first place.

If you have a problem which isn't covered here or our instructions aren't clear then call us - we are always happy to give advice.

Exploding Inner Tubes !

Problem One of the inner tubes has suddenly exploded, it's completely shredded

Solution This is caused by over inflation of the tyre. It may not explode immediately but the first sunny day, left in the boot of a hot car or next to a radiator.. and bang !

The commonest occasion for over inflation is when grand parents look after your child. Grandfathers like to be helpful...and those tyres do look a little soft. You would be amazed how often this happens.

The optimum tyre pressure is about 10 psi, 15 psi is the maximum - above that and you run the risk of either exploding inner tubes or a distorted wheel.


Problem I get punctures regularly

Solution Regular punctures can be caused by several things
  • Not removing the cause of the first puncture
    Before removing the tyre mark onto it the position of the valve, remove and inflate the inner tube then immerse it in water - if the bubbles come out 100cm to the left of the valve then you know where on the tyre to look for the cause of the puncture
  • Over inflated tyres
    The higher the tyre pressure the more suceptible to punctures, keep to the optimum tyre pressure or 10lbs. Maintaining high tyre pressures so that if you get a puncture it won't go flat before you get home is like driving fast to the next petrol station when you are low on fuel - it sort of makes sense, but doesn't work in practice !
  • Local flora - walking in an area with an exceptionally high number of plants with thorns of a particularly vicious type
    You may need to beef up your wheels with Enhanced Puncture Protection, or it could be just a single bush on one route that you sometimes take ! which you need to avoid

One customer (a farmer) has told us that EC regulations have changed, farmers used to cut hedgerows when the sap was rising and the thorns were relatively soft but now cut them later when the thorns are hard. For urban walkers punctures are more likely on the inside wheel only in the summer when gardeners take a Black & Decker to their front garden hedges

Yes it would be possible to fit the pushchairs with solid tyres which cannot get punctures but the ride quality is very poor

Foam Handle creeping around the frame

Problem The foam handle is creeping around the frame

Solution This could be caused by a couple of things:
  • the pushchair is veering and because you are having to constantly adjust the steering in one direction this is pushing the foam handle around. See instructions for solving veering.
  • one user of the pushchair has a pattern of holding the foam handle which is pushing it in one direction

Sun Canopy slipping down the frame

Problem The rubber lug on the rear vertical frame which stops the sun canopy from sliding down has fallen out.

Solution The sun canopy is not supposed to be fitted there - it should be fitted onto the seat frame about two to three inches below where the rear vertical frame meets the seat frame.

The rubber lug is to stop the paint on the frame from being damaged when the pushchair is's probably fallen out because the sun canopy was fitted in the wrong place.


Problem The pushchair veers slightly in one direction and I am constantly having to adjust the steering.

Solution This is intensly annoying. It shows up worst on smooth flat surfaces rather than off road

It is normally caused by one of three reasons:
  • the front wheel is not correctly aligned. If the removable front wheel is not pushed fully back into the front forks on both sides then the wheel will point in one direction. It is most common for people who do not regularly remove the front wheel as they are not routinely refitting it in the correct position and re-tightening the wing nuts. Remove wheel & refit.
  • one of the quick release rear wheel blocks has been knocked out of alignment pointing a rear wheel to left or right- dragging the rear of the pushchair in that direction and the front the other way. It takes quite a hefty knock to do this and is generally caused in transit not in use. Turn the pushchair over and check that the long side of each block is parrallel with the rear axle plate (you may need a ruler for precison). To adjust a rear block first loosen the bolt which clamps the rear vertical frame to the axle plate using a 5mm allen key through the hole in the block. Re-tighten firmly after adjustment.
  • the frame has been crushed in transit, normally on an airline, possibly bending the frame, breaking the footplate or folding mechanism. If immediately after flying make a claim against the airline.

After any adjustments when testing to see if any adjustment you have made has had an effect load the pushchair with a child size weight as an unloaded Land Rover ATP (Manufactured by Pegasus Pushchairs Ltd under licence by Land Rover until September 2002, but no longer available and having no association with the current owner of the Land Rover Trademark) is so light weight that it will naturally follow the direction you push it in even with one finger !

If you are unable to locate the cause of a veer or cannot fix it right now then you can deliberately misalign the front wheel to counter a veer to get you through today.

Folding Mechanism Spring not working

Problem The slider on the folding mechanism is not sprung loaded

Solution The spring is attached both ends, one end is riveted to the frame the other end is retained with a small pin.

It is most likely that you have lost the pin, if you look at the side which is still working you should be able to see a pin.

If the problem is a missing pin then contact us for a replacement

If the rivet has broken then it will need to be re-riveted. First remove the pin and rivet the other end then replace the pin

IMPORTANT - Do not use the pushchair if the folding mechanism slider is not sprung loaded. The pushchair could collapse when in use and/or the folding mechanism hinge become damaged beyond repair.

To order spare parts & accessories

for your ATP call 01363 881110

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